Equivizor™ Transport & Ophthalmology Vizor

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  • Equivizor™ Transport & Ophthalmology Vizor
  • Equivizor™ Transport & Ophthalmology Vizor
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Equivizor™ Transport and Ophthalmology Vizor is the heavy weight champ of head and eye protection.

It can be used after eye surgery as it provides full head protection post anesthesia. It helps to prevent additional injury when the horse is thrashing about upon waking. The Vizor provides easy access to the eye for inspection and medicating.

Suitable for floating and air travel. Each year many horses get killed and thousands become injured due to the dangers associated with equine transport. Injuries range from the minor to life threatening. Still others end up as wall climbers or scramblers and suffer intense fear of being travelled.

Equivizor™ Transport and Ophthalmology Vizor prevents injuries to the head and eyes during transport by cushioning and protecting the head from any impact during floating.

It is constructed from a sturdy 20 mm thick neoprene, buffered to 40 mm in areas which require more protection around the eyes, cheeks and the poll region and is held in place by a sectionalized quick release halter. A removable mesh cover is also included with this product. Made of PVC mesh with Velcro® attachments, this is designed to fit over the vizors to help protect the horse's eyes.
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