BioEZ Digestive Optimizer

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BioEZ® is a multi-enzyme blend of live probiotics, digestive enzymes, prebiotic energizers - formulated for Horses - to improve digestion and increase nutrient absorption from their diet.BioEZ® promotes healthy digestion and uptake, improves immunity and may help reduce incidences of colic. It is a highly palatable, powdered top dress that can be fed in combination with other feed premixes or vitamin and mineral formulas. It is safe for pregnant mares, foals, performance and geriatric horses.

What makes BioEZ® better? The broad spectrum of digestive enzymes. There's more digestive enzymes than other commercial product available. The enzyme panel is specifically designed for horses and the array of enzymes in alkaline, acidic, neutral break down food more thoroughly enabling better uptake of nutrients.

90 days serving at maintenance level.

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