Blanket Safe Wash and Deodorizer Fleece & Wool

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Blanket Safe Wash and Deodorizer is a cold water wash that is detergent-free. It is low-sudsing, residue free, and has built in deodorizers. All made from EPA approved raw materials. These soaps are safe for animals and children once dry. This wash not only gently cleans your blanket of dirt, but the bacteria and grime that cause gross odors!

Washes will not ruin or deteriorate your factory applied waterproofing, although it is recommended that you re-proof your blankets after the first two seasons of use. This detergent-free wash has no harmful chemicals making it very safe for sensitive horses and can lower the risk of further skin issues.

Washing in cold water lengthens the life of most fabrics and can reduce the degrading of your blankets. This product does not block the breathability of your blankets and sheets.

A 16.9 ounce container will wash at least 2 loads depending on soiling and load size. (based on a 65-70 lb. washer)

The Blanket Safe Fleece and Wool wash is designed to care for natural fibers and helps restore moisture-wicking capabilities. It will bring your fleece back to life while being gentle enough to use on wool products. For best results of washing wool, with any product, never let any wool products go through the spin or extract cycle of the machine, this can cause matting of hair. Pull out when soaking wet and let dry naturally, never machine dry. Always test in a small area before washing if you are not sure.

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