Equine Edibles Therapeutic Bran Mash

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Equine Edibles Therapeutic Bran Mash is like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. It is an oatmeal for your horse!  This bran mash is made with all-natural, tried and true ingredients and packed with yummy stuff like peppermint and chamomile. Bran can be made with hot water (cool season) or cool water (warm season). Just add water!

Original Recipe is enriched with chamomile and soybean meal. This peppermint flavored mash will soothe and relax your horse.
Tropical Twist is a fun twist on the original recipe. Still bursting with peppermint, tropical twist is made with bananas and raisins for a cool twist of tropical delight.
Candy Cane is a minty-fresh twist on the popular Original Mash with a touch of cinnamon and real chunks of 100% sugar peppermints.

Old Timer is a perfect way to relieve your horses' minor aches and pains. From a hard day's work to a life time of stress and over achievement, the Old Timer made with white willow bark and yucca is great for all horses, both young and old.

Made in America
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