Equine One® Natural Hoof Dressing

  • Equine One® Natural Hoof Dressing
  • Equine One® Natural Hoof Dressing
  • Equine One® Natural Hoof Dressing
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Equine One® Natural Hoof Dressing's main advantages:
-Helps to eliminate hooves sensitivity.
-Improves the quality and elasticity of the horn hoof plate.
-Prevents loss of natural moisture of the hoof.
-Strengthens the keratinization process (keratoplastic effect).
-Has antibacterial properties (kills most bacteria, including tubercle bacillus and anthrax spores) and has an antifungal effect.
-Prevents thrush (rotting hoof frog).
-Has an antiseptic effect.
-Has an antiparasitic impact.
-Has an insecticidal impact.
-Has anti-inflammatory properties.
-Stops destruction of the hoof horn from external factors, such as cooling / overheating, mechanical injury (hoof cleavage) and excessive dryness or humidity.
-Prevents bacteria and fungi from getting through the hoof.

Equine One® Natural Hoof Dressing helps fight the following horse hoof problems:
-Thrush and cankers
-Quarter crack and sheared heels
-Hoof wall cracks
-Corns and sole bruises
-Hoof abscesses
-Seedy toe / White Line Disease
-Laminitis or Founder

Based on All-Natural Ingredients:
-Birch Bark Extract
-Organic Omega-3 Oil
-Vitamin A & D
-Other 100% Natural Active Ingredients
-Non-caustic formulation and no harmful or petroleum-based products.

NOTE:FOR HOOF USE ONLY. Suitable for all hoof types in all weather conditions.
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