LITE-N-TUFF All Weather Coated Nylon Race Harness

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This Feather-Weight® LITE-N-TUFF® All Weather (Quick Hitch) Race Harness is made to be more durable, cleanable and waterproof to meet and exceed today’s racing standards. Constructed of BioThane® coated nylon with forged stainless steel couplers and stainless steel tree.

Complete set includes: 3” BioThane® coated nylon saddle with leather lined beta top straps, shaped girth, leather lined crupper back strap, synthetic bridle, beta lines and hand holds, beta buxton martingale, saddle pad with Velcro® (black unless otherwise indicated), synthetic head pole straps and synthetic head halter.

NOTE: Standard driving bit #5115-5 and Overcheck bit #5543-5 are SOLD SEPARATELY.

Choose Open, Blind Bridle or Kit ONLY.

KIT ONLY contains: 3” BioThane® coated nylon saddle, shaped girth, crupper back strap, nylon buxton martingale, saddle pad with Velcro® and synthetic head pole straps. (KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE bridle, lines, hand holds, head halter or bits)


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