Runner's Relief Therapeutic Poultice

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Runner's Relief™ Therapeutic Poultice is scientifically formulated to aid in the healing of bowed tendons, suspensory ligaments and soft tissue injuries. Its natural botanical formulations are derived from organic herbal extracts, which give vasodilation in all vessels and arteries, promoting accelerated healing with no side effects.

Important observations while using Runner's Relief™:
-Accelerated healing time, within 30-90 days.
-The fibers align straight, giving sufficient flexibility and range of motion.
-Vast vasodilation in all vessels and arteries.
-Safe, with no side effects.

-Used for people and for maintenance.

Note:  This product is made by hand and the consistency of this product may vary depending on the temperature.  If stored in high heat it will dissolve, and if stored in very cold weather it will become hard.  If the product is dissolved just mix thoroughly first and then apply.  If too hard, microwave for 1 minute and mix to return to perfect consistency.

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