Texas Haynet Livestock Round Bale Hay Net

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  • Texas Haynet Livestock Round Bale Hay Net
  • Texas Haynet Livestock Round Bale Hay Net
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The Texas Haynet Livestock Net is the perfect addition to your waste management program. Designed with cattle in mind, this hay net minimizes waste without slowing down intake. Bigger holes allow for easy access to forage while preventing livestock from squandering valuable hay. Special needs horses, like the blind or seniors with dental issues, are also good candidates for large 3" holes.  A larger hole makes feeding time much easier for them and ensures they are able to get enough. Horses facing harsh winter conditions may also benefit from larger holes. As calorie requirements increase during extreme temperatures, you want to make access as easy as possible. Smaller holes may add additional stress by creating frustration. The net is lightweight and easy to install - no heavy equipment required. 


• 3” holes

• Knotted nylon mesh

• Fits round bales 4x4-6x6’ and square bales 3x3x8-3x4x8’

• For shod animals it is strongly recommended using a feeder (like a hay ring) with a solid barrier between the hoof and the net to prevent shoes from coming in contact with the mesh. Use caution with ear tags and horns.


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