TickSee Tick Removal

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  • TickSee Tick Removal
  • TickSee Tick Removal
  • TickSee Tick Removal
  • TickSee Tick Removal
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The TickSee™ Tick Removal Kit contains all you need to find and remove embedded ticks safely and effectively without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. The kit contains one Original Tick Key, one Glo-N-Dark, wearable LED Flashlight, Magnifier, four (4) alcohol swabs, and instructions for use.

TickKey™’s tear-drop opening grabs even the tiniest tick with a simple pull. Place the large end of the opening over the embedded tick and slide the key until the tick gets jammed into the narrow end. Lift up on the key and the whole tick will pull out of skin. The GripOn flashlight is conveniently worn on a finger like a ring. The ultra bright light will make the task of finding, extracting and examining the site so much easier. Wearing the light and holding the TickKey™ in one hand, frees your other hand to hold the bite victim! Disinfecting the wound with one of the included alcohol wipes, completes the task. All kit parts can be conveniently stored back in the reusable, re-closable clamshell package.

-TickKey™, 99.9% effective and #1 rated tick removal device, made of unbreakable, anodized aluminum
-Glo-N-Dark LED Flashlight, ultra-bright, wearable, flexible, waterproof and indestructible. Hours of run time on a single, replaceable, A23 battery (included)
-(4) Antiseptic wipes, 70% isopropyl alcohol, individually wrapped
-Re-closable clamshell—keeps kit together for safe travel and easy storage (no packaging to throw away)
-TickKey™ and Glo-N-Dark LED Flashlight are proudly made in America.
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