WTP (Winning Tongue Plate) Bitless Rearing Bit with Brakes

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WTP (Winning Tongue Plate) Bitless Rearing Bit with Brakes is used with total control for sales, race-day, and every day. Creates Poll pressure and leverage over the horse. The adjustable nose and chin chains create control. Prevents injuries better race and sales results. Bitless design for mouth injuries and feeding. Made of a steel design and two adjustable chains. Horses are a herd animal, and it is what they see that can make them excited and react badly. Trainers are replacing hot ear muffs with this Rearing bit. You can use the Bitless design over or under a head collar. Creating poll, nose and chin pressure for better control. The design allows you to use it in front of the horses’ bit, in the parade ring and training. Brilliant for young horses at auctions and training. Pull then release, teaching the horse to respond kindly.
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