Shock Absorber 4 Ft

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A new concept developed to help minimize the wear, tear and strain on joints impacted by sudden pulling. This leash absorbs much of that sudden pull from your pet, and the gentle resistance also signals your pet in a gradual, not sudden manner. The cord is constructed of an engineered, stretchable cord composed of multiple rubberized strands that form a core and is covered with a nylon sheath. A padded handle adds to the comfort of this leash. The hand braided cord is not enclosed in a sheath, allowing the user to visualize the stretch. Added safety and strength features of this leash include an 8 loop knot at the top of the leash and a 4 loop knot above the snap. A sewn in tag of ballistic material just below the 8 loop knot provides both the owner and dog with another layer of safety. Works well with dogs up to 90 pounds.
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